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Dr. Jennifer Moses
Warning Signs that your child may have a Subluxation.
Because your children (and you) may have subluxations and not know it, all children need periodic spinal checkups.  There are however, certain warning signs indicating that the spinal column may be out of alignment.
Family Health Care
  • Fatigue
  • Shoulder blades flared out
  • Hyperactivity
  • Frequent falling
  • One hip or shoulder higher than the other
  • One arm looks shorter
  • One foot turned in or out
If you notice that the hem on your little girls skirt or dress is longer on one side, or your child's  pant leg is longer on one side, they may have a subluxation.
Children and ChiropracticToddler hood through childhood is a very physical time.  Those first hesitant steps soon evolve into jumping and running, and falls and accidents.  These are all part of a normal childhood.  While most falls are minor, at times they can cause spinal and nerve-damaging vertebral subluxations with serious long-term consequences.  For that reason all children need periodic chiropractic spinal                                                                  checkups.
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